Monday, August 29, 2016

Saturday 8.27.16

Weather still holding a Summer-like pattern-Sunny, 80s, breezy. We all believe that if we simply ignore the coming cold season, then it won't happen.  Great fiddle, banjo, guitar band-Shingle on the Roof-See video below.
Thanks to Chloe for her camera work. Love you, Sweetie.

 Cute donut kid

 Everyone is happy at Market-even while incognito.

 Something, something, something Lending Library-Must be some kind of  eye test.

 Lynn with a Grin. That's her bodyguard on the left-warning me not to get  too close.

 Meghan, Market Manager, arriving on her swell Amsterdam Cargo Bike.

 Pregnant Lady of the Week. Great dress!

 Rigani's pizza joint-Corinne and Tristan. See the portable oven at the back  of the booth. Before it heats up enough to bake pizzas, they serve pancakes.

Wells relates stories from his World War 2 experiences. Dude stil works on his own roof. Go Wells!

Shingle on the Roof

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday 8/21/16

Second half of August-you know what that means. Cold is on the way. I guess visitors are getting in their Vermont summer fix while they can. Everything is now in season, except apples. Flowers are outstanding right now. Starting to see some cool hats.

 Chloe snapped some nice flowers

 Here's a hat at Dim Sum

 And another checking out Pesto Chango

 A smiling gal incognito in hat and Foster Grants

 Pregnant Lady of the week

 The sandbox enjoys great popularity

Someone infringing on my tie-dye motif

Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday 8/13/16

Another hot day at Market. Not a record, though. That occurred on July 4, 1911. Temp hit 105. I think Market goers have gotten used to the heat-they come out in droves, and still drink hot coffee. 
We had the outstanding Mary Cay Brass and co. to entertain us with their music.

 Cute Mary Jane wearing her Mary Janes.

 Buy a hanging plant while you can still hang it outside.

 The Miller clan. Notice Mahla continues to work while everyone else poses.

 Mom and kid. Mom used to come in as a little kid with her dad.

Tat of the Week. I'm told it's 10 years old.

Chloe, left talks with her teacher, Ms Friedman, currently on maternity leave.

Here's Mary Cay's duo playing whaling tunes.

Check out her website

Monday, August 8, 2016

Saturday 8/6/16

I just don't understand the weather reports, which have been wrong all Summer. Today was supposed to be-"Hot! Rain! Hail! Oppressive! Frogs!" Well, maybe not frogs. Anyway, the day was great. One of the busiest all season. I have noticed for many years, that the Market is a lagging indicator of the economy. So, Market is up this year, which means that the general economy is back. Be happy.

 Hat of the Day-Great Bird Band

 Matching couple

 Honako gabbing-She's Manager in Meghan's absence.

 Kid looks on as Mom tastes the Pesto. 

 Pregnant Lady strolls by.

 Kids love the sandbox. Market members maintain it.

This is a Farmers Market after all.