Sunday, April 19, 2009

Site day-4/18/09

Well, it finally arrived-Site Day. The winter was long enough. Rain had been forecast for the day, but did not show, so the crew managed to get in a good clean up session. We have a new pebbled walk past all the booths.We hooked up the water, including a shiny new fountain. Market starts Saturday, May 2. BE THERE.  Here are some pix from site day. See you soon.  Rara Avis.

Found this guy in the shed. Apparently he had been living there all winter. Here, he's telling old seafaring tales. Dude, its Vermont!

Two wise guys trying to sell accident insurance to market members. " Youse never know when, how you call 'vandals' might decide to besmoich the property. With  me and my cousin Pauly here on the job, your worries are over-as long as youse pay the premiums."

Sire, waiting for the wheelbarrow races to commence-cash prizes!