Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday Market 7.18.15

The perfect Market day for me-Overcast and a little drizzly. People really need my coffee on such a day. Here's some pix from this week and last.

 Stockwell Brothers-Love these guys.

Future Magic Mike

Great turtle tat

 Future Mr. Natch

 View down the food court line

 This week's SAT contingent-Students from Mexico

 And again

 Cute kid broke out into a smile the instant she saw the camera pointed her way.

Pregnant Lady of the Week

Monday, July 6, 2015

Saturday Market 7.4.2015

Independence Day 2015-Overcast with intermittent sprinkles-Massive crowd of Marketgoers We had a great day. I thought I would photograph vendor signs. I took these snaps before 9:00 am, since its I'm too busy later to leave my booth. Here they are.

 Get yer tissue tuned.

 Great sign-homemade tinkertoys

 Mikey's carrots are the best.


 This gal can ferment anything.

 Mystery booth