Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Market October 1, 2011

Rain and more rain-Mud in the lower end of the circle-Evidence of the
Whetstone breaching it's bank. It looked on the map like a pinwheel centered southwest of us, with blades of rain passing over every hour. Amazingly, a large number of mostly local Market goers braved the weather to cheer us up. We even had music-Addison Rice played under the shelter of an empty booth. Check out his Facebook page. 4 more weeks

I wonder if the rainy weather has made the flowers look as good as they do.

Little-Baby-Living-Inside-Mom's-Shirt of the week. New category.

Now, on to the HATS!

Wet, rumpled tricorn hat

Twiggy called-Wants her hat back

Ah, yes-The always in fashion "Braid Pass Through" hat-Can be tricky

Brian's tam-Must get him a walking stick-Or maybe an old Jag convertible

Nice Smokey Bear/Fedora/Bowler thingy.

Sensible rain gear

And again

"Yessirree, borrowed this'un from a scarecrow."

Ruthie's bank robber, in profile-

and in crazy-eyed full face. Take all the cash-Just don't hurt us!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday Market September 24, 2011

Warm, humid day-rain threatening-Jersey weather. Jeans and sweaters back in the closet-grab shorts and t-tops. Most roads now re-opened-still many delays at ongoing construction. Pumpkins, apples, squash, greens in abundance. Local talk of stacking firewood, cleaning chimneys. 5 weeks left.

What's with the green leaves? Am I just rushing the season looking for color?

Angel of the week-paid for cashless guy's coffee and.

Brilliant flowers

"Dude, I'm here. Are you sure this is the gig? Looks like some kinda farmers market."

Shea performing her morning market routine

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturday Market September 17, 2011

People don’t believe me when I tell them that Galen and I moved here so that we would be sure never to miss a good day when it happened to come around-but it’s true.

We lived in Philadelphia in the 80’s, and visited friends in Putney, VT rather often. Sometimes the weather was great, sometimes not so much. One particular crappy weather visit we decided to move. We came up for a week, found jobs and a place to rent, went back to Phila, quit our jobs there and made the move-just like that.

Saturday at Market was one of those days that justified the move-cool, sunny, breezy, more leaves to kick, good music, people thrilled to be out there.

Speaking of good music-

These guys have been playing at Market for several years, and they just keep getting better, with their blue grassy, down home country swingy sound. Rock on!

Today we have a twofer-Tattoo and Pregnant Lady of the Week.

Mmmm…Raisin Pizza…

Geez, look at all the bundled up people. Don’t rush the season.

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes I’m moving in with the Millers. They’re fully stocked.

Courtney’s Fall Flowers

And again

Cute kid with rake-Add wooden shoes and one of those hats, and she could be Little Dutch Girl.

Morningside Shelter promoting a charity hike. Their resources were stretched thin during and after the recent flooding. They provided much help to displaced flood victims. You can help. Check out their website.