Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday 8/21/16

Second half of August-you know what that means. Cold is on the way. I guess visitors are getting in their Vermont summer fix while they can. Everything is now in season, except apples. Flowers are outstanding right now. Starting to see some cool hats.

 Chloe snapped some nice flowers

 Here's a hat at Dim Sum

 And another checking out Pesto Chango

 A smiling gal incognito in hat and Foster Grants

 Pregnant Lady of the week

 The sandbox enjoys great popularity

Someone infringing on my tie-dye motif

Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday 8/13/16

Another hot day at Market. Not a record, though. That occurred on July 4, 1911. Temp hit 105. I think Market goers have gotten used to the heat-they come out in droves, and still drink hot coffee. 
We had the outstanding Mary Cay Brass and co. to entertain us with their music.

 Cute Mary Jane wearing her Mary Janes.

 Buy a hanging plant while you can still hang it outside.

 The Miller clan. Notice Mahla continues to work while everyone else poses.

 Mom and kid. Mom used to come in as a little kid with her dad.

Tat of the Week. I'm told it's 10 years old.

Chloe, left talks with her teacher, Ms Friedman, currently on maternity leave.

Here's Mary Cay's duo playing whaling tunes.

Check out her website

Monday, August 8, 2016

Saturday 8/6/16

I just don't understand the weather reports, which have been wrong all Summer. Today was supposed to be-"Hot! Rain! Hail! Oppressive! Frogs!" Well, maybe not frogs. Anyway, the day was great. One of the busiest all season. I have noticed for many years, that the Market is a lagging indicator of the economy. So, Market is up this year, which means that the general economy is back. Be happy.

 Hat of the Day-Great Bird Band

 Matching couple

 Honako gabbing-She's Manager in Meghan's absence.

 Kid looks on as Mom tastes the Pesto. 

 Pregnant Lady strolls by.

 Kids love the sandbox. Market members maintain it.

This is a Farmers Market after all.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday 7/30/16

Nice Market day-sunny, cooler, less humid. We had a group of Iraqi and British kids from SIT. Roger Kahle and co, played Celtic music. 
Right now is high berry, fruit, and vegetable season. Apples and corn come later. Meghan rode her cool Amsterdam Cargo bike.

 Check out the bike. It has battery assist-allows Meghan to ride quite a distance, with a giant carrying capacity in front. These units predominate in the Netherlands.

 Here's the front view of the bike. Price on this thing is about $2500.00. I know mountain bike riders who will pay that much, and not be able to carry a small horse like this bike can.

 Bread Girl from Orchard Hill Breadworks. Ger yer bread.

 Fantasy Wear has all kinds of kids' fancy clothes.

 Jerry's Flowers

 More Jerry's flowers

 And again

 Meghan , the Market Manager who rides that cool Cargo Bike

 Cute kid wants a donut

 Onions are in

There's a pile of produce


3 Dudes play Celtic jigs.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Market 7/23/16

This was a blazing hot day-still drew a crowd. We had a great band. Also had some dude-bros walking around with a white dog. They arrived in an actual hippie-peace bus. Took me back many years...I can just hear Jerry Garcia singing "Sugar Magnolia"  Doot De Doot-Sunshine and Daydreams...

 These guys played old down home country songs. Banjo player killed it-and dig the hair! 

 Many people choose the market to take family portraits.

 Check out Ingrid with the sleeping little baby-so cute.

 John Miller grows all kinds of cactus. Must be difficult to sneak on his property at night. He just needs to find the screaming pin cushion, and call the sheriff.

 Serene faced little girl with the sophisticated sunglasses-on-head look.

 Another of John Miller's scary plants. Stephen King could do something with this, I'm sure.

 Mother and child

Norma is a vision in pink and peach, with the wide brimmed hat.
Keep on truckin' Norma

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday 7.16.16

Brilliant Sunny Day-Huge Crowd-One Man Band. This is High Summer here in the North Country Brattleboro Farmers Market. Chloe the Cricket served as photo essayist, snapping everything in the place.

People like to shop. Food tastes better outdoors.

He just stood there-while she posed. You go Girl!

Little Princess walks holding Dad's hand.

Girls on the Run-In the Sun. That's Chloe on the left.

Ingrid grins while toting a child.

If you belong to a CSA, now is the time to research recipes and methods for putting food by. Your truckload of root vegetables is ready.

 When flowers bloom in Vermont, it's  like they all bloom at the same time.

 Strawberries abound

Auntie Sue Sue, incognito in her swell sun hat and shades.

Look at that Kisser!

Here's my old friend, Smiley McSmileyFace. Hi Smiley.