Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Market 7/23/16

This was a blazing hot day-still drew a crowd. We had a great band. Also had some dude-bros walking around with a white dog. They arrived in an actual hippie-peace bus. Took me back many years...I can just hear Jerry Garcia singing "Sugar Magnolia"  Doot De Doot-Sunshine and Daydreams...

 These guys played old down home country songs. Banjo player killed it-and dig the hair! 

 Many people choose the market to take family portraits.

 Check out Ingrid with the sleeping little baby-so cute.

 John Miller grows all kinds of cactus. Must be difficult to sneak on his property at night. He just needs to find the screaming pin cushion, and call the sheriff.

 Serene faced little girl with the sophisticated sunglasses-on-head look.

 Another of John Miller's scary plants. Stephen King could do something with this, I'm sure.

 Mother and child

Norma is a vision in pink and peach, with the wide brimmed hat.
Keep on truckin' Norma

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday 7.16.16

Brilliant Sunny Day-Huge Crowd-One Man Band. This is High Summer here in the North Country Brattleboro Farmers Market. Chloe the Cricket served as photo essayist, snapping everything in the place.

People like to shop. Food tastes better outdoors.

He just stood there-while she posed. You go Girl!

Little Princess walks holding Dad's hand.

Girls on the Run-In the Sun. That's Chloe on the left.

Ingrid grins while toting a child.

If you belong to a CSA, now is the time to research recipes and methods for putting food by. Your truckload of root vegetables is ready.

 When flowers bloom in Vermont, it's  like they all bloom at the same time.

 Strawberries abound

Auntie Sue Sue, incognito in her swell sun hat and shades.

Look at that Kisser!

Here's my old friend, Smiley McSmileyFace. Hi Smiley.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday market 7.9.16

"It was a Dark and Stormy Day"-well, not so stormy. How about "It was a Dark and Drizzly Day". Yeah, that's it. I love cool drizzly days-My sugar and caffeine delivery system keeps everyone perked up midst the gloom.
Lots of Bernie talk. Visitors see Vermont as "The Bernie Mountain State". I wonder if they think he speaks with a Vermont accent. Let's hear it-"Millionayez and Billionayez". Go Bernie!

 Talkin Bernie

 Bernie Crowd

 Cute Couple of the Week

 Cute Kids of the Week


 Took the shot and wondered aloud why the shutter delay. Girl in red says, "Shoulda used an Iphone-Nyah Nyah". Definite winner of "Smarty-Pants-of-the-Week" award.

 Picture of Sabine taking a picture-very meta.

Sabine with her beautiful hair. Hi, Sabine.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday 7.2.16

Great holiday Market. The weather was perfect. Probably the biggest Market of the season, so far. We had a really good 2 piece jazzy band playing Dave Brubeck/Vince Guaraldi type music. Met some old friends. 
I noticed quite a few dogs at the "No Dogs" Market. Here's a pro tip. If someone tries to roust you and your dog from a "no dogs" area, just say that Rover is a Service Dog, and you're good to go.

Manager's booth staff, hard at work

 Father and Daughter

 Mmmm..Hot Coffee.

 Haven't posted Imelda's smiling face in awhile. Ain't she pretty?

 Clarinet and Electric Guitar. Great Jazz

John Richardson on his second cup of coffee 

Sampling kale pesto on a chip 

The sandbox attracts all the kids

Mysterious Tattoo of the Week

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday 6.25.16

Great June Day. Sunny, non-humid, about 80. The place was packed again. I think this market thing is catching on. The band played down home country-funk-jazz-fusion stuff.
 The sandbox is a good gathering place.

 Shiny kids from a Stephen King novel, I'm sure.

 Pregnant Lady #1. Gave birth about 5 minutes after this snap.

 If you're pale, wear a hat in the sun!

 Pregnant Lady #2. 

 These kids grew up at market.

 Here's Lulu. Check out her website.

 Pregnant Lady #3. Reaching for a crinkle.

Weird Selfie Stick? Proving she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head? Camera set to capture alien popping out of her back? 
I got it! It's the framework to support a giant bustle in a hoop skirt- for the new reality show, America's Wildest Cotillion Dress of Atlanta. That's it!

 Norma Truckin' Through Market. You Go Girl!

 Tattoo of Northwest tribal Protective Eagle.

 Ready for the safari with that hat.