Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday 8/12/17

Just after Market last week, a micro-burst happened. Knocked down several trees, and squashed 3 booths. Two hours earlier and we would have had crushed cars, and maybe crushed people.
Read Miller and crew spent two days cutting up and removing trees. Friday several of us cleaned up leaves and twigs, so that Saturday the site was back to normal for Market.
We had a great band, Shingle on the Roof. SIT sent another group, this time Iraqis and Caribbean kids from Barbados. It made for a very lively Market. 

 Group of Barbadians eating brownies while holding their bacon-egg-cheese biscuits.

 This couple has come to Market for many years. He always smiles when he looks at her.
 Is this the Cutest Kid Ever, or What?

 Two fisted donut eating baby. Mom is impressed.

 Hairdo of the Week.

 SIT Iraqi kids. Look at that great hair on her. I love hair.

 Read Miller. This past week was the second time Read stepped in to rescue the Market after natural disasters. He organized the cleanup after Hurricane Irene in 2011. Here's the entry from Sept 1st of that year;


So, now it's two days after Irene basically transported the Market site down the river to Long Island sound. At that time I planned a very leisurely rest-of-the-season, lounging on the divan, popping bonbons into my mouth.
Then Read Miller happened, and he whipped the Market into a frenzy of site reclamation. 400 yards of fill got dumped, spread, graded and seeded between Tuesday and today. We all showed up to have a second site day, accompanied by many local volunteers. Here are the results so far. We WILL have Market Saturday. Check out the pix below, and compare them to the ones from my last post.

 Back to the present. Abstract  Expressionist TaT of the Week.

"You think you're so smart with your fancy camera. Uh huh"

Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturday 8/5/17

Well, second half of Market season is here. Night temps going down to the fifties already. Market continues to be mobbed every Saturday. Due to the rainy Summer, berries and peaches are very big and juicy.
We had rain several times during the market day, but nothing serious. Then, after everyone left a big gust of wind blew up, knocking down several trees and crushing two booths. Lucky we were gone before it happened. Check out the short video.

 Chelsea flips her hair as Bat Boy looks on.

 Blondie with a look of curiosity.

 We attract old folks as well as young to Market.

 Ellie and pal grinning.

 Family waits for biscuit breakfast.

 Sis carrying little brother.

 Phases-of-the-moon tat..

And symmetrical bunches of grapes. Impressive. She has mirror image art on the back of her legs also.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saturday 7/29/17

OOF! Last Market of the first half of the season. Weather is already getting cooler at night.
Must! Not! Think! About! Winter! At least not yet. 
I like Winter-the snow, the fire blazing in the wood stove, the holidays. 
I just don't like the idea that I can't do this Market again till next Spring. Is there a place in the world where it's like Vermont Summer all year round? I'll move there. Oh well, here's some pix.

 One man band. guy has a guitar, harmonica, and on his left foot a tambourine-and he sings.

 Mama rockin the polka dots.


 Another big crowd. Many out-of-state visitors.

 Iraqi kid from SIT with Haircut of the Week.

More SIT kids sampling strange western food. I guess that cell phones grafted to one's hand is a universal convention. Remember the shoe box size cell phones from 20 years ago? 

 Baby attending "My First Farmers Market".

This is a FARMERS market after all.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Saturday 7/22/17

Monster crowd today. Chloe spotted several of her pals from NEYT-the New England Youth Theater. It's a great theater school that trains budding actors from the local community. They put on plays year round. All the fruits, vegetables, flowers are here. Berries are gigantic. Be sure to visit while you can. 

 Dad and Blondie

 Brattleboro Comic Con coming soon. Here's a sneak peek of our own Market Avenger about to cast a stunning spell.  FWOOSH!

 Cute kid-and Mom-of the week.

 Runner-up Hairdo of the Week-runner up to...

 Tha Winnah annnnd new champ. Hairdo of the Week.

 Pregnant Lady of the Week. Not long now. That's what we need-a birth at Market!

 Rosie is most definitely the Cute Vendor of the Week. Check out her cool Greeting Cards.

Nice crowd

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday 7/15/17

Look at that! Dappled sunshine! A very busy day. We had a contingent of about 150 S.I.T. students, a combination of Mexicans and Iraqis. (S.I.T.=School for International Training). Very friendly animated kids, practicing handling US money, and working on their English. Many of them left with an ability to say "Whoopie Pie". A great musical duo played. Slow Pony did Gypsy sounding music. See video clip below.

 S.I.T. kids

 Being outside in Vermont makes people hungry.

 They eat and talk.

 More S.I.T.ers

 Meagan hates to have her picture taken. Don't know why-She's as cute as a bug's ear.

 Slow Pony-Squeezebox and Banjo
Check them out;


 S.I.T. again

Lunch under the big tree

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saturday 7/8/17

Bright and Sunny-then Pouring Rain-then Bright and Sunny again. The crowd of market goers is magic. Big crowd showed up in the morning. When the rains came, the crowd disappeared. 

Then when the rain stopped the crowd magically re-appeared. I think that, in this region of short Summer, people don't want to waste an hour of sunlight. 
No puddle kids. Even with the heavy rain puddles didn't form.

 Nice crowd.

 Looking down the foodie line.

 After the rain.

 Hairdo of the week.

 Or, maybe this one.

 Patty, the Gluten free french Pastry chef smiling her great smile.

Everyone loves the Market.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saturday 7/1/17

Rain Friday. Rain Sunday. Market day-no rain. Perfect coffee and whoopie pie weather. Puddles again abounded, with young splashers in attendance. An amazingly large crowd strolled the grounds. Fahy's Fields played Irish music.
I have never believed in the after-life, but if I did, then Market would be Heaven. So when I die, "they" could rub my face in it by sending me here, to perpetually hang out with smiling happy people, and watch little kids splash in the puddles.

Jane, the most stylish vendor at Market. Hi Jane!

Here's a puddle kid.

And another.

Tatted up dude of the week.

Cute whiskers girl.

Terrie often falls asleep while standing. Stayed this way for awhile.

Amelia's first market visit this year.

Irish tunes from Fahy's Fields.