Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Saturday Market 5/5/18 Opening day

Welcome Back To Market! After a long, cold, lonely winter, the Market makes it all worthwhile. We had a gigantic crowd, new vendors, and great weather. 
Dancers did a Maypole celebration. There was a roving group of fiddlers with little kids in tow. Three Morris Dancer groups danced with jingling bells on their legs.
This makes my 27th year at Market. The third generation of Market goers now comes to my booth every week for cookies with their moms and dads and grandparents. Market is my favorite place. 

Looking over the shoulder of Meghan, our intrepid manager, as she regards the sand box on site cleanup day two weeks ago.

Giant crowd opening day.

Roving fiddlers.

And more fiddlers.

Mom trying to get kid to sample kale pesto.


Video would not fit on this blog. Click the link below for Morris dancer video.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Saturday 9/23/17

Fall is here, but you wouldn't know it from the high temperatures. market has been very warm of late. Next week is predicted to be significantly cooler. come on out for coffee, Fall flowers and apple cider, along with all the vegetables still available.

 Group chat.

 Cute girl in blue dress-very Shirley Temple.

 Drum-thing band.

 Nice family unit.

 How bout some flowers?

 And more

 And more

 And even more

 And Fall leaves, too.

 Meghan chats up drummer dude.

 Mullet dress of the week.

 Pregnant lady of the week.

Cute sisters

Monday, September 11, 2017

Saturday 9/9/17

Don't let anybody fool you . This is Fall. 60s and sunny today. Wood stove weather at night. I predict an early leaf-peeper season. Can't predict mud season yet-not till the freezing of November. Rain, followed by freezing points to blistered dirt roads in the Spring. One particularly bad mud season, my road washed away. The last several Springs have been very light on mud. So it goes.

 Brothers sharing-I Think

 Nice do for the outdoors.

 My smiley friend shows up at Market often-Coffee and a cookie.

 Mom and child.

 Red Hair of the Week.

 Sisters strolling. Get the kid in the back, shuffling leaves. More next week, when they get piled up.

 There's the smile! Nice bear hat.

That's Wendy on the left. I've known her for years.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Saturday 9.2.17

This is way too early for coats and long pants. The wood stove is going right now-temps in the 30s last night. 2 months left at Market, then the lo-o-ong VT Winter. Most of my old high school friends moved to Florida. They urge me to do the same, but I like it here, even with the endless Winter. Very busy Market Saturday, holiday weekends usually mean more visitors. Local legends The Amidons played some down home folk tunes for us.

Junior donut eater. What's that stance on mom behind little Blondie. I have only seen women stand like that-feet perpendicular. Reminds me of a Jersey girl look.

 Cricket guards my cash box. Metal crickets make great theft deterrents.

 Pink crocs here looked my way before coming over for a cookie.

 Donut kid of the week.

 Market goers entertained by Biscuit Boy at the next booth. He takes off his shirt and does a little dance, while flipping omelets.

 Rare pic of Joey. She rarely comes to Market. Ain't she a beauty!

Katey with Susan in foreground. Susan lives in Braedenton Fla, travels with sea captain Irv. They're just in for the weekend.

 Cool Hat of the Week

Yes, fallen leaves. It's only Sept 2!

 Norma has come to Market for many years. We share many experiences-tell each other our troubles. I consider Norma to be a spiritual guide. She is very wise. Hi Norma!

Mom has a great smile, while Junior looks puzzled. Maybe a donut would help-works for me.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Saturday 8/19/17

Vermont has several different kinds of weather days. Today was sunny, warm and humid. Morning started out sunny, and never backed off. No SIT kids the rest of the season, till we see them again next year. We had a great 4 piece jazz band, The Moondogs played a variety of their original compositions. I did a short clip of their set. Check it out here.

 Cute little black eyed girl.

 Conversation under the big maple.

 Ingrid and kids.

 Another cutie.

 There's the look. Mom will look after you forever.

 Moms pushing prams.

 Pregnant Lady of the Week.

 Red Bow Girl turned away from the camera.

 Here's the Moondogs.

Beautiful woman of the Week.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday 8/12/17

Just after Market last week, a micro-burst happened. Knocked down several trees, and squashed 3 booths. Two hours earlier and we would have had crushed cars, and maybe crushed people.
Read Miller and crew spent two days cutting up and removing trees. Friday several of us cleaned up leaves and twigs, so that Saturday the site was back to normal for Market.
We had a great band, Shingle on the Roof. SIT sent another group, this time Iraqis and Caribbean kids from Barbados. It made for a very lively Market. 

 Group of Barbadians eating brownies while holding their bacon-egg-cheese biscuits.

 This couple has come to Market for many years. He always smiles when he looks at her.
 Is this the Cutest Kid Ever, or What?

 Two fisted donut eating baby. Mom is impressed.

 Hairdo of the Week.

 SIT Iraqi kids. Look at that great hair on her. I love hair.

 Read Miller. This past week was the second time Read stepped in to rescue the Market after natural disasters. He organized the cleanup after Hurricane Irene in 2011. Here's the entry from Sept 1st of that year;


So, now it's two days after Irene basically transported the Market site down the river to Long Island sound. At that time I planned a very leisurely rest-of-the-season, lounging on the divan, popping bonbons into my mouth.
Then Read Miller happened, and he whipped the Market into a frenzy of site reclamation. 400 yards of fill got dumped, spread, graded and seeded between Tuesday and today. We all showed up to have a second site day, accompanied by many local volunteers. Here are the results so far. We WILL have Market Saturday. Check out the pix below, and compare them to the ones from my last post.

 Back to the present. Abstract  Expressionist TaT of the Week.

"You think you're so smart with your fancy camera. Uh huh"