Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday 5/21/16

Another perfect day at market. Quite a mob scene-made up of happy Market goers. All the kids raced around with wild abandon. I love it here.

 Old timey pickin' and singin'. Check out the kid.

 Such a peaceful face.

 Amelia samples kale pesto on a chip.

 Take kids outside, and they constantly move.
She So Pregnant!

 Hello, my old friend.

George Dutton and Mahla Miller. I first met George when his father used to carry him around the Market. Now he runs their booth. Mahla, with her husband, Read, work the oldest farm in the state of Vermont. These guys are both great neighbors to have at Market.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Saturday 5/14/16

Well attended day at Market-lots of out-of-staters
Mostly sunny, warmer weather
Good Vermont Spring day

 Arm tat-Nice bird

 My favorite smiling Market goer

 Pregnant Lady of the Week

 Baby's first Donut

 Good crowd today

 Cute Kid of the Week

Woman told me what this tat means, but I forgot

Monday, May 9, 2016

Saturday Market 5/7/2016

Welcome to 2016 at Farmers Market. Cool, overcast weather-perfect Market weather-for me, at least. We had the strolling orchestra, and Morris Dancers, and a Maypole. A great day at Market

 Thelma and Louise return

 Terrie decided to make a sign

 Market crowd. You can just see the Maypole behind manager's booth

 Dim Sum back as my neighbors

 Millers back again, with Howie's flowers beyond. 
See Imelda's red hair?

Terrie selling her pesto. Kurt goofs off

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saturday Market 10-17-2015

October landed with colder weather and somewhat late brilliant color. Many leaf peepers came by remarking on the beauty of the changing leaves, and to buy gallons of coffee.

When I first saw these guys years ago, they were a fully fledged proto-hair band, complete with bare chests, pasty white skin and long, stringy, bleached hair. In the middle of a particularly long, droning guitar break they would take turns flipping their heads up and down, inviting brain hemmorages and the attention of the teenage girls gyrating on the dance floor in front of the stage.
PLA-NET! PLA-NET! They would scream over and over. PLANET!- PLANET!

Now they play the Farmers Market. They wouldn't let me take their picture,
only the sign, which had fallen down. Still play their old hits "Mama Jama Mambo", "Pick it Up-Throw it Down", and all the others we still remember. The hair flipping is gone-Actually most of the hair is gone. It was still a great show. We all raised our vegetables and donuts in appreciation of the band's greatest anthem, "If you find it-Give it Back". Good times..good times...

 Nice flowery tat.

 Mother and child. Look at that cute kid!

 Pizza oven pancakes. Next week-pizza oven chicken soup.


These guys are great! Xopo-some kind of punk klezmer-dig the bent valve trombone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Saturday Market 8/28/15

Still great weather-End of August-Winter's a-comin'.

 Lily's growing like a weed-almost ready to take over the business.

 Reminds me of my grandmother. Whatever stupid thing I did, she would smack her head and say "Oofaah"-some Italian thing.

 There must be a Steven King novel with this flaming pizza inferno as the main character.

 I love smiley people at Market.

Tat of the Week

 Summer footwear in Vermont

 Pregnant lady of the week.

The Amidons serenading everyone with down home tunes

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saturday market 8.8.15

Sunny, breezy, 70s. What could be better?

 Pancakes cooked in a 600 degree pizza oven-cooking time 5 seconds?

 Don't look now, Wells, but there's a grinning gal behind you.

 Tat of the Week

 Shingle on the Roof played amazing bluegrass.

 Happy Whoopie Pie devotees

 My old pal, Barb. Hi Barb..

 Love this gent's Southern Lawyer look.

Pregnant Lady of the Week