Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday Market 7.18.15

The perfect Market day for me-Overcast and a little drizzly. People really need my coffee on such a day. Here's some pix from this week and last.

 Stockwell Brothers-Love these guys.

Future Magic Mike

Great turtle tat

 Future Mr. Natch

 View down the food court line

 This week's SAT contingent-Students from Mexico

 And again

 Cute kid broke out into a smile the instant she saw the camera pointed her way.

Pregnant Lady of the Week

Monday, July 6, 2015

Saturday Market 7.4.2015

Independence Day 2015-Overcast with intermittent sprinkles-Massive crowd of Marketgoers We had a great day. I thought I would photograph vendor signs. I took these snaps before 9:00 am, since its I'm too busy later to leave my booth. Here they are.

 Get yer tissue tuned.

 Great sign-homemade tinkertoys

 Mikey's carrots are the best.


 This gal can ferment anything.

 Mystery booth

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday Market 6/6/15

Today's Market is always the worst one of the season, outside of a major storm day, thanks to the bloated, corporate display known as the Strollin' of the Heifers parade. An event that bills itself as supportive of local farming does its best to ruin the venue that actually showcases those farmers, that allows farmers to sell directly to the public, that lets market goers meet the very people who produce the food. 
OK-end of rant. 
Since the day was slow I had the chance to roam around snapping pics. Here's a bunch.