Monday, October 24, 2016

Saturday 10/22/16

Holy Cow! Rain falling in sheets, gale force winds, hail the size of golf balls-NOT! The weather forecast was once again wrong. We had a cool, overcast day at Market. Tons of leaves-More than I remember from years past. Must be climate change-Everything else gets blamed on it.

 Cute, big hatted kid.

 Look at these cool eggplants.

 Fall flowers abound.

 Marsupial Mom carries Joey in pouch.

 Little squash (squashes?)

 Steps lead to upper parking lot. It's a scenic Market, not just a bunch of carts in a parking lot.

 Varee smiles through the cold-Warmer in Thailand.

 Wells the roving philosopher and Amelia, resident reflexologist hang out by my stove.

What to choose..what to choose..

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Beautiful day-lots of color-although early morning was very cold. Seems like the visiting tree peepers decided to stay awhile longer. I had trouble making coffee fast enough. A woman asked for "cawfee" and I guessed "Long Island", but she answered "The Bronx". Farmers are in full pumpkin, squash, apple mode. 2 more weeks of Market, then a long Winter's nap.

 Cute bundled up kid

 Here's fiery haired Imelda stocking matching pumpkins.

 Kathleen is serious about her coffee.

 Aforementioned pumpkins

 Sandbox is still killing it.

My old friend Smileyface and her lovely child. She always asks me how I'm doing, and I always say "Great!"

Here's a link to the World's Best Bluegrass Band-The Stockwell Brothers;

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Saturday 10/8/16

This looks like the best Fall color I have seen in a long time. Numerous Tree Peepers clogged the roads to gaze on the reds and yellows that seem to be more brilliant this season, and most of them came to Market. Everyone gets hungry outdoors in a cool Vermont. The Farmers market has an extensive food court section, kind of a United Nations of savory and sweet selections.

 Cleaning the tables before Market.

 Maisie has a great pooch shirt.

 Saturday meeting of the Food Sampler Society

Kids are always in motion at Market, especially when piles of leaves are present.

Screw Disneyland, This is the Happiest Place on Earth.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday 9/24/16

Hey, Fall is here-Falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling Summer shorts-into the drawer till next year. Well, except for my shorts. I wear them till December, certainly through Market season. It's a tradition. I did notice all the farmers bundled up in grays and blues and dark greens. 
Tree peeper season is upon us. High color in Northern Vermont-slowly spreading South-maybe 2 weeks till it gets to us.

 Looks a bit lonely. Crowd picked up later.

 Chilly kid in Hoodie

 Cute Kid of the Week bucks the dark clothing trend-and with a donut.

 Gal with a great Hairdo-of-the-Week

 Here's the fallen leaves. Blown down in this week's rain-ready for jumping kids.

 Why Yes-We LOVE Kale!

 Pregnant Lady of the week

Dude wants to "regulate" marijuana. I don't understand. Everyone I know already "regulates" their own-In the backyard.

Plenty of green still on the trees, waiting to turn

Aura Shards playing Tuned Steel Drum, Tabla, and didgeridoo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday 9/17/16

Meteorological Fall has descended. Cool, breezy, sunny. We had bees for the first time this season-they loved my lemon bars. Also they like to dive bomb the powdered sugar in the teacake basket, then fly around like tiny white ghosts. I guess the sugar gets bees high. We had a great band playing bluegrass, with a touch of bluesy jazzy thrown in. I loved it. These guys should be the Market House Band.

Roger Kahle and co. killed

 Friends like to meet at Market-and snap pix.


 Another Group of Gals Gather to Gab.

 Dad and Daughter. I have seen many at my years here. It's a bonding experience.

 Cute kid with cute hat. Huck Finn?

 "Mom, Of Course I want a donut!"

 Speaking of kids and donuts..

 Natasha and helper peddling brownies on Kids' Day
Building Young Capitalists!

The sandbox is always popular.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saturday 9/10/16

So the weatherman said to expect rain and thunder storms-We got nothing but clouds, then clear skies. Do these guys get paid to get it wrong? 
Anyway, it was another great day, though no Chloe to help-me sad. Band sounded better than I have ever heard them-good whaling and shanty tunes. Seven more Markets left.

 Spike Dogtooth playing Barnacle Bill the Sailor-Great rendition.

 Now THAT'S a true Market  shopper-Carrots and flowers. But..Where's the coffee and cookie?

 This week's Cute Kid, waiting for a donut.

Ladies' auxillary, having a walking meeting.

 Great hair and tie dye t-shirt. Mystery Woman of the Week.

 Apples and Pumpkins are in. Buy now.

Mom and sleeping kid. His eyes were open when I pointed the camera. Just dropped off instantly.
Terrie grinning and reminding us that her Pesto Change-O can be found at the Putney Co-op.

Varee has been bringing her sweet little girl to Market since before she could walk-Now helps out-Soon to take over.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Saturday 8.27.16

Weather still holding a Summer-like pattern-Sunny, 80s, breezy. We all believe that if we simply ignore the coming cold season, then it won't happen.  Great fiddle, banjo, guitar band-Shingle on the Roof-See video below.
Thanks to Chloe for her camera work. Love you, Sweetie.

 Cute donut kid

 Everyone is happy at Market-even while incognito.

 Something, something, something Lending Library-Must be some kind of  eye test.

 Lynn with a Grin. That's her bodyguard on the left-warning me not to get  too close.

 Meghan, Market Manager, arriving on her swell Amsterdam Cargo Bike.

 Pregnant Lady of the Week. Great dress!

 Rigani's pizza joint-Corinne and Tristan. See the portable oven at the back  of the booth. Before it heats up enough to bake pizzas, they serve pancakes.

Wells relates stories from his World War 2 experiences. Dude stil works on his own roof. Go Wells!

Shingle on the Roof