Monday, May 29, 2017

Saturday 5/27/17

GIGANTIC MARKET! More than the entire population of Vermont walked through the place today. I met many old friends who hung out at the booth catching up. It's why I do market-the social atmosphere there adds meaning and continuity to my life. It's great for all the little kids to be there, building memories that they will carry forever. And, the weather was perfect.

Rare recent photo of notorious 60s radicals, Art "The Eagle" Shullman, and Suzy "Cream Cheese" Bartlett. They used to spend their time as animal activists, "liberating" captive emus and llamas. Now they sell handmade tchotchkes at their rainbow-themed booth.

Maple in her Market costume. How cute.

Yet another celeb tours the market. It's none other than Jimmy Buffett! Parrot Heads Rejoice!

First appearance this season-Cindy rocking her Bad Liver t-shirt.

Kids still love donuts.

Smiley kid with Mom and Sis

Terrie stirring her pesto tortellini

Lynn and Chloe unite in stripes. Iphone has been grafted to her hand so she can't lose it.

Mom with an interesting kid-carrier

Monday, May 22, 2017

Saturday 5/20/17

Finally! A cool, sunny day for Market. I didn't need to squeegee off my counter before setting up-Yay! Everything is getting greener by the day. Green fills my eyes, my soul. I am green-in the Green Mountain State.

This early in the season farmers bring a combination of "put by" items like jams, maple syrup and vinegar, along with an increasing amount of new crops. Each week brings a different look to farm booths.

Looking down from my booth-It's the breakfast dudes, then Varee and Tasha Thai food, then the juice people, followed by chai guy, Taste of India, and Gelato.

Terrie and Lulu

How "secret"can the Sheriff be? Today was Kid's Day-In the background you can see a kid selling what looks like paper towels at a table.

Busy sand box. Nice sunshine.

Pregnant Lady of the Week

Smiling mom with cute kid

Leaning in for breakfast. This booth has become very popular.

Mom and Dad with 4 boys here, one at another event, and 1 on the way. SIX BOYS!!

Crowds of people standing around-A perfect Market.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday 5/13/17

Well, no rain, but still cold and damp. Luckily I have a stove-heated booth, and there is another stove in the booth next door. Other vendors gather around to warm their hands on the stove, and on cups of hot coffee.
Like last week, the crowd showed up late and in force. We had a down home country band playing. A few more regulars stopped by. My booth buddy braved the weather with coat and gloves, sampling and selling her kale pesto. It's a somewhat soft start for the season-still looking for the sun.

Look at that smile! Those dimples!. Terrie is a dynamo. She made my cool price cards.

Nice ear muffs. Check out the emo kid.

NECCA Circus School handed out clown noses.

Intrepid Manager Meghan hauls trash.

Last year he had the "Wheel of Bread". Now Kurt rocks the "Wheel of Awesome". Come for a spin.

Kid on the Move

Check out the Rose Petal Jam.

There's a Vermonter-Out in the cold in flip-flops.

Get your bedding plants. Put them in the ground when weather permits-Memorial Day?

Two Hits and a Miss get kids dancing.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Opening Day Saturday May 6 2017

Well, this IS Vermont-so rain fell in torrents for about two hours. It was just us vendors standing around drinking coffee, shouting to each other to be heard above the din of rain.

Then-the rain stopped and the sun sprang up in the sky-And suddenly the place got packed with Market goers. We had music and dancing and kids jumping in puddles. My year has begun!

New guys at Market! Cooking breakfast! On this Garland stove! On a trailer! Praise be!

Mahla Miller, looking absolutely thrilled. Don't worry, warm weather coming soon.

Here's some kids enjoying the weather.

That's a one-piece rain suit. Kid just rolled around in the water. Mom and Dad probably hosed him off later
Cute Kid of the Week

The Morris Dancers graced us with their presence, bringing good luck for the Market season. Check out this link.