Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday 2/18/17

Very busy Market Saturday. The Harris Hill Ski Jump has drawn a large crowd of visitors. Many of them stopped downtown and came to the market. Weather is perfect for both events-Piles of snow with moderate temps in the 30s.

 Winter market makes a great lunch venue. Here's a plate of dim sum, served up by Adam.

 Check out their web site. Cai's Dim SumTeahouse and Catering.

 The lunch area has grown this season. People can eat while enjoying live music.

And here it is..

Some front to back views of the atrium.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday 2/11/17

We're in between snow storms.Tomorrow's is forecast to drop 6-12 inches. The snow blanket is good for fruit trees-keeps roots from freezing. Temps are seasonable, 20s daytime and low teens at night. The best part of Winter for me is sitting by the wood stove, watching the fire glow through the glass doors.

Miller Farm apples

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a popular way for families to assure a constant supply of fresh farm products.

 The River Garden Atrium

Patty Austin's baked items belong in an art museum.

 More of Patty's cookies. She has written a cookbook. Check out her story in the Commons newspaper;

 Bread Baker's Manifesto

 The River Garden also serves as an art exhibit. Here is a painting hanging on the wall.

Say Hi to Susan. Hi, Susan!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winter Market 2/3/17

Winter Market happens  at the River Garden, right in the middle of town-can't miss it. They have their own FB page
 One of the local cheese sellers. Of course, Vermont is primarily a dairy state, and all the cheese at market is made using milk from local farms.  I have heard it said that at one time in the past, there were more cows than people in Vermont. Actually, it wasn't cows, but sheep, that once outnumbered the human population of the state.

 Cheese close up. I love cheese.

 Look at this chocolate!. I love chocolate-chocolate and cheese.

 These are John Miller's flowers. All his plants have a beautiful, other-worldly quality. Step into his world. John's greenhouses are right down the road around the corner from my place.

 Little potatoes are delicious.

Check out this soap. It looks a pensive from Harry Potter. Dive in and re-live someone's memories.