Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday 7/15/17

Look at that! Dappled sunshine! A very busy day. We had a contingent of about 150 S.I.T. students, a combination of Mexicans and Iraqis. (S.I.T.=School for International Training). Very friendly animated kids, practicing handling US money, and working on their English. Many of them left with an ability to say "Whoopie Pie". A great musical duo played. Slow Pony did Gypsy sounding music. See video clip below.

 S.I.T. kids

 Being outside in Vermont makes people hungry.

 They eat and talk.

 More S.I.T.ers

 Meagan hates to have her picture taken. Don't know why-She's as cute as a bug's ear.

 Slow Pony-Squeezebox and Banjo
Check them out;


 S.I.T. again

Lunch under the big tree

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saturday 7/8/17

Bright and Sunny-then Pouring Rain-then Bright and Sunny again. The crowd of market goers is magic. Big crowd showed up in the morning. When the rains came, the crowd disappeared. 

Then when the rain stopped the crowd magically re-appeared. I think that, in this region of short Summer, people don't want to waste an hour of sunlight. 
No puddle kids. Even with the heavy rain puddles didn't form.

 Nice crowd.

 Looking down the foodie line.

 After the rain.

 Hairdo of the week.

 Or, maybe this one.

 Patty, the Gluten free french Pastry chef smiling her great smile.

Everyone loves the Market.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saturday 7/1/17

Rain Friday. Rain Sunday. Market day-no rain. Perfect coffee and whoopie pie weather. Puddles again abounded, with young splashers in attendance. An amazingly large crowd strolled the grounds. Fahy's Fields played Irish music.
I have never believed in the after-life, but if I did, then Market would be Heaven. So when I die, "they" could rub my face in it by sending me here, to perpetually hang out with smiling happy people, and watch little kids splash in the puddles.

Jane, the most stylish vendor at Market. Hi Jane!

Here's a puddle kid.

And another.

Tatted up dude of the week.

Cute whiskers girl.

Terrie often falls asleep while standing. Stayed this way for awhile.

Amelia's first market visit this year.

Irish tunes from Fahy's Fields.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Saturday 6/24/17

Rain early, then sunny and warm. Puddles abounded for the splash kids. The Incurable Semantics played their down-home music. Breakfast guys returned with their great strawberry shortcake. This feels like the wettest summer weather in a long time. Large spiders and mushrooms everywhere. Trees got even greener. Love it here.

The Semantics tearing it up

People just grin at Market.

Forever lovely Imelda

Puddle Splasher of the Week

My friend Smiley keeping her hair dry-big date tonight.

Market goers discussing the events of the day.

Wells Cunningham (great name) wants berries. He has been coming to Market for years. Tells me stories of his youth on the farm-he's 93-and relates his experiences during WW2 in the Pacific. Wells is a great guy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Saturday 6/17/17

Once again we missed the almost constant rain that continues to fall. The overcast Market day proved successful, with puddles for splashy kids and a cool tuned steel drum band. The breakfast dudes returned to everyone's delight. I love breakfast for lunch.

Food bank/anti-hunger advocates. I like the aggressive carrot symbol.

I guess it wasn't that warm-folks look bundled up.

Those barbecue looking things are tuned drums. They make a great sound.

Jerry's flowers

Gang girls sporting colors of the dreaded Zumba gang.

Always wear your helmet to the market. Never know when a flying eggplant might attack.

The aforementioned flower dude Jerry discussing world issues with Kurt.

Have there been studies about kids and puddles? All kids at market go for them.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Saturday 6/10/17

Everything is fully green in Vermont now. Nice warm sunny day at Market. Kids Day kids set up tables selling their kid made goods, mostly baked goods. A dude played guitar and fiddle. Families abounded, with kids racing around. I honestly don't know what could be better than being here.

Look at these little cuties selling muffins! Can they be 5 years old?

Pretty in pink

Kid with hat

And her sis in another hat

Cool hairdos of the week

Pete used to come to Market carrying his daughter. Now here he is carrying his grand child.

Cute donut kid

Not too late for bedding plants

Market goers appreciate Andrea's pottery.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday 6/3/17

Another great weather day. We had a good crowd, even though it was the very annoying cow parade day. The "Strolling of the Heifers" is an annual event, supposedly in support of local agriculture, which has the effect of harming the very farmers that it claims to help. Several Market visitors told me that they went down to the parade, but were put off by the increasingly corporate tone of the event, and so came to Market for the more local, peaceful atmosphere. 

First pic of Imelda this season. Ain't she pretty!

Here's the Putney Co-op contingent. That's Lulu with the leggings.

Carson now sells strawberry shortcake.

Kids always know what to do outside. Adults don't need to direct them.

Pure bred Russian Rat Chaser

Lynn catches me snapping a pic.

Lily, sister of George Dutton, carrying her niece Lydia, who looks totally uninterested.

Smiling cow parade refugee.

Dude sits and listens to the barefoot clarinet player, who along with the guitar man, play a selection of old Dixieland jazz.