Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, 7/12/08

Just another day in Paradise. Vermont is so green now that it seems unreal. How can anything be that green? The greenness washes over everything, lifting everyone's spirits. Tons of little kids running around laughing, screaming. Farmers' greens are greener. A market goer notices all the different smells. The angelic clarinet player fills the place with great old tunes. You can smell new raspberries at the Miller stand. Something about the Market causes people to hang out all day long.
Cute kid of the day.

The Circus Smirkus is coming to town.

Kurt, our intrepid bread monger, is off on a european bicycling adventure. He will be riding from (get this) Norway north of the Arctic Circle, to southern Spain. Kurt promises to blog post his travels at: The 411-Kurt's Riding Chronicles. Follow his journey.

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