Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dwight Miller

Dwight Miller died Saturday in an accident at his farm. Read the Reformer article here.
I had the honor of knowing Dwight since I started selling at Market 15 years ago. Millers have been my next door neighbors for all that time. Dwight and I used to arrive at Market the same time, about 8 am. Dwight always came driving up in that gargantuan station wagon with the "FRUIT" license plate. He liked my donuts, so I made sure I had them unpacked early. Sometimes he would break out into song as he set up the booth. Now, when I break out into song, it's The Stones or Springsteen. Not Dwight. He broke out into operatic arias-had a pretty good low tenor voice, too.
Everybody who came past Millers booth, if they saw that Dwight was there, would stop to talk and listen to his latest story. Dwight was a great story teller and always had time for everyone and all their kids. Just like everybody else who knew him, I will miss Dwight and remember him with great fondness.

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