Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, 7/26/08

Cool, overcast morning gave way to warm, sunny afternoon. Many new faces. Running, chattering kids.
My customer of the day; Woman enters stage right and asks the price of a cup of coffee. "One dollar" sez I. "That's too low" sez she. "That's still the price" sez I. "You're stupid for charging so little" sez she, after which she gives me two dollars for the coffee. Later on she wants a refill. "50 cents" sez I. "Nonsense, here's a dollar" sez she, pours the refill, then exits stage left.

Mother and child

60s radical Mike "The Griffin" Molloy and associate Maria "Slice" Pomilla boldly walk the Market, securely under the protection of the Zucchini Action Front Provos.
Actually, that's our esteemed Market manager David, with his old friend, Judith Sherman, who won this year's Grammy for Best Classical Music Production. Congrats, Judith!

Cute kid of the day, contemplating the texture of her Russian teacake.

"TWA bridies, a plen ane in an ingin ane an a"
Who can translate this?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, 7/19/08

Sorry this post is late-t'storms kept killing the lights.
You know those old sayings about summer in Vermont? "9 months of winter and 3 months of road construction" "11 months of winter and 30 days of hard sledding" etc. ad nauseum. Well I think we must be in that rarest of all Vermont seasons right now. It was officially a billion degrees at Market. I guess that means winter is coming.
Great music Saturday-Marty Cain did, among other songs, a wild punked out rendition of Phil Ochs "I aint a marchin anymore". Check out his MySpace page. Later. RS

The aforementioned Marty Cain and co.

"No pictures, no pictures" ( I hate these paparazzi!)

2 generations of Millers, my friendly neighbors to the west.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, 7/12/08

Just another day in Paradise. Vermont is so green now that it seems unreal. How can anything be that green? The greenness washes over everything, lifting everyone's spirits. Tons of little kids running around laughing, screaming. Farmers' greens are greener. A market goer notices all the different smells. The angelic clarinet player fills the place with great old tunes. You can smell new raspberries at the Miller stand. Something about the Market causes people to hang out all day long.
Cute kid of the day.

The Circus Smirkus is coming to town.

Kurt, our intrepid bread monger, is off on a european bicycling adventure. He will be riding from (get this) Norway north of the Arctic Circle, to southern Spain. Kurt promises to blog post his travels at: The 411-Kurt's Riding Chronicles. Follow his journey.

Susan's Yarn

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Melanie Long

All of us at the Brattleboro Farmers Market mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Melanie Long (Mel), who died suddenly last week. Mel had a booth at Market for the last 5 years, performing hand and foot massages.

Following Saturday's Market we held a memorial service for Mel . Those who knew Mel, both personally and through her work, spoke of her memorable life and work, and of her influence on those around her.
After our remembrances, we joined in a circle dance, and then planted a tree in her memory. Mel will be missed at Market. May she forever dance with the faeries.

Saturday, 7/05/08

The fifth of July is the perfect day for the Brattleboro Farmers Market. All those visitors in Vermont on the Fourth hang out for the weekend. We had a very large number of out-of-state market goers. Mother Nature cooperated, giving us a rather cool, overcast day-great coffee weather.

Barb and daughter Ella have been attending Market since before Ella could walk.

Who ate my bowla granola?!?!

Kelli's Quilts. Kelli's colorful quilts. Coming soon, Kelli's colorful kerchiefs for Akitas (and other dogs). Check out her website