Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Market, June 20 2009

Once again expecting rain all day, we were blessed with dry weather in the 70's.
I have the most amazing conversations at Market-Discussed the Bund in Shangai, China with a woman who had lived there.
There was a group of kids doing laps around the Market circle, stopping each lap to buy donuts and teacakes. The band had a great, driving bluegrass sound. I think they are my favorite of the season so far.

Semi-overcast weather is fine by me-increases coffee sales.

Federal Witness Protection can be rough when crazy guy points his Nikon at you.

These guys have impeccable musical timing. Also, the fiddle player has quite a voice, which carried through the surrounding crowd noise.

The same duo a hundred years ago.

Farmers appreciate the coffee.

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