Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Market October 1, 2011

Rain and more rain-Mud in the lower end of the circle-Evidence of the
Whetstone breaching it's bank. It looked on the map like a pinwheel centered southwest of us, with blades of rain passing over every hour. Amazingly, a large number of mostly local Market goers braved the weather to cheer us up. We even had music-Addison Rice played under the shelter of an empty booth. Check out his Facebook page. 4 more weeks

I wonder if the rainy weather has made the flowers look as good as they do.

Little-Baby-Living-Inside-Mom's-Shirt of the week. New category.

Now, on to the HATS!

Wet, rumpled tricorn hat

Twiggy called-Wants her hat back

Ah, yes-The always in fashion "Braid Pass Through" hat-Can be tricky

Brian's tam-Must get him a walking stick-Or maybe an old Jag convertible

Nice Smokey Bear/Fedora/Bowler thingy.

Sensible rain gear

And again

"Yessirree, borrowed this'un from a scarecrow."

Ruthie's bank robber, in profile-

and in crazy-eyed full face. Take all the cash-Just don't hurt us!

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