Monday, May 7, 2012

May 5, 2012 First Market

Nice opening day-Started cloudy and dark-Ended up sunny and breezy. We had  two Maypole dances, Morris Dancers, and a roving musical group. Several new vendors helped fill the circle. It's so nice to be back.

Here's the site April 1

Yow! No grass yet!

Looks like a county road crew-One guy working with a bunch of watchers.

And now...Shea welcomes us to the first 2012 market

Nice crowd

Here come the roving minstrels...

And there they go...

And here's part of the audience.

First new season "Tat of the Week"-Never saw an ankle giraffe before.

Ruthie Ruthie Bo Buthie-
Bonana Fana Fo Futhie-
Me Mi Mo Muthie-

Mother and Child-And it's Sunny.

Sue D's flower

Kids still love sandboxes.

Look! Grass!

I love this effect.

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