Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday Market 12/20/12

I haven't posted in a while-Been busy helping Galen navigate our medical establishment. I'm back now with some pix-One week to go. Rara

 Sherlock Holmes pays a visit-Solving the Mystery of the Market?

 Also, Lara Croft swooped in to foil some evildoers.

 Once again building young Capitalists

 Tat of the Week

 Barefoot in mid-October Vermont. Must be Climate Change.

 Great Hair

 On the cutting edge of Market News

 Really, read this paper-It's the best.

 Annie Hall and Child-Ready for Anything.

 75 degree weather-Wool Hat-Definitely a Hipster in the wild.

 Market is my escape from the general grumpiness of the world.

 Vendors assemble for group pik.

And again.

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