Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saturday Market 6/8/13

Big Story of the Week-Market canceled, then re-instated. An email circulated Friday night, canceling the Market due to flooding at the site. Then, early Market morning another email arrived, saying "never mind", Market was on again. Fortunately, since I don't check my email regularly enough, I missed out on all the cyber excitement, and just showed up as usual. The weather turned sunny and beautiful.

 Second Big Story of the Week-Change in Market Music. We have had various musicians come to Market for years, to entertain vendors and visitors. They play about 2-3 hours, using a mixture of covers and original music. Last summer our wonderful manager Martha got a call from some ASCAP weenie, demanding that the Market pay royalties for the cover tunes. It seemed less than reasonable considering the tiny amount of time involved, so what Martha decided to do is book acts that only play original and public domain music. It has worked out very well.The music is refreshingly entertaining, and fits into the Market's outdoor, rural situation. For instance, these two guys played great guitar and fiddle bluegrass tunes.

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