Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday Market 7/6/13

Double-Bonus Market. With July 4th falling mid-week, we had two well attended Markets-lots of visitors. The mushroom guy next to me is doing great business, as is the cheese gal next to him on the other side. Everyone's happy.

 Mirriam's hair

 Pregnant ladies abounded. Here's one.

 Fiddlin' Fillies strolled with guitar dude.

 And another


 Insisted I snap all the arm tats

 There ya go..

 Gals in hats-can't beat em

 Aaaaand..another one..sheesh!

 Courtney on his usual constitutional around the Market

 Kid marched around like this all day. My feet hurt just watching.

 Cool steel guitar

 Love this kid

This is called a sugar glider. Look it up.

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