Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, 9/13/08

Sunny, warm September day-many international visitors (the weak dollar has its benefits).
Chocolate Chip Guy was there. He loves chocolate chip cookies. Also, Mr Conspiracy, Old Original Hippy, Miss Cape Cod, and Gold Dollar Dude, all among my regulars,  turned up for the sunny Market.

I notice the changing tastes of the kids as they grow. Donut eating toddlers turn into cookie crunching 8 year olds, and whoopie pie devouring teens. 

Kurt update-Kurt Hackler, our intrepid bread guy and awesome cyclist, has reached Germany on his bike trip from above the Arctic circle in Norway, to Spain. Follow his and Oracle Jen's exploits on his blog, The 411-2WDs Riding Chronicles.

Politics update-Everyone previously torqued off about the national election is still torqued off. Maybe I should sell them decaf instead of high test...Nah. See you next week. Rara

Patty Austin, who makes things like.. (see below)

...these perfect little confections.

Howie's flowers, plants and veggies-the most colorful booth at Market.

Two fisted coffee drinker.

Happy Birthday, Ingrid!!

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