Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday, 9/20/08

A perfect fall day in Southern Vermont-sunny, cool, breezy. Visitors can't believe how good the weather is here. We had such good weather that the usual political junkies took a break to just enjoy the day. 
This was the first day for hot apple cider-leaf season cannot be far behind-peepers stopping their cars in the middle of the road to snap pictures.
After Market we held a memorial for Dwight Miller. People talked of their memories of Dwight, and we sang several verses of "America the Beautiful". It was decided to plant a tree in his memory next spring-its a little late for planting this year. 

Priscilla returns from New Hampshire for a Market visit.

Kathy Miller and sister-in-law Mala.

Read Miller.

Don't forget to vote. This means you!

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aunt ooh said...

Hi RaRa!
Thanks for your stories, comments and reporting on my dad, Dwight. Could you please correct the spelling of Cathy & Malah Miller under their photo on the 9/20 posting? They both have uncommon spellings and would appreciate correction, I'm sure. We found your blog and I really like it. Keep it up!