Monday, January 5, 2009

09 Countdown

Hope everyone had a great holiday. My son and family gave Galen and I a GPS gizmo for the car. I've been driving around with the map function turned on, discovering the names of little roads all over the area. I found out that we live on Sweetwood Hill. Evidently our driveway was once a town road on that very hill, so now instead of telling folks that we live down in the gully off the dirt road off another dirt road, we can now say "We live on Sweetwood Hill". Sounds a lot swankier. Maybe I should jack the price of my cookies-after all, I baked them on Sweetwood Hill. Anyway, the countdown has begun(at least in my mind) for the 09 Farmers Market-16 Saturdays to go. It's time for me to get ready to prepare for thinking about starting to form my plans for the new season. My brain hurts already. See you next week. rara avis

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