Thursday, January 29, 2009

13 Saturdays to go

We have had a record number of birds at the feeders this Winter. Let's see; I have seen hundreds of finches (Purple,  Chickadees, Nuthatches, House, Gold, etc.), 20 to 30 Mourning Doves, a dozen each Blue Jays and Robins, and a Red Tailed Hawk. I have been standing on the deck trying to get the Chickadees to land on my outstretched, seed laden palm ( I hear sometimes they do that). They have been getting closer, swooping past the seed, but so far no landings. Maybe I'm ready for Spring to come.
The new snow thrower works rather well-bought it just in time. The dead Volvo wagon/storage shed looks like a weird snow sculpture.
My newest project involves designing a masonry stove to replace our steel wood stove. They say masonry stoves use much less firewood, and radiate heat into the house all day. Does anyone out there have any info on these massive gadgets. If so, tell me about it. 
I downloaded the Windows 7 beta, and loaded it onto the computer I'm using to write this post. So far the OS works great, much faster and smoother than the awful Windows Vista.  
I'll try to get down to the Market to snap some pix of the barren field. Will post next week.
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