Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Market, August 22. 2009

Rain! Finally! Falls! On! The! Market!

The first Market storm of the year didn't shrink the crowd. I think Market visitors must have missed the downpours we usually have throughout the season, and they came out this week just to have the rain experience.

We had some great thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. Wait-What's that is that thing you're not supposed to do in a thunderstorm?

That's right-you're not supposed to stand under a tree-oops!

"This is now a free concert. Mudslides will commence after Sha-Na-Na plays."

Here's Breadboy (with the orange insect wings) and friends, on a Superheroes monster bike ride. Filling in for Breadboy the past 2 Markets was HOT Breadboy.

This week's strolling minstrels.

"Listen closely, 007. If you play a suspended 4th arpeggio, whilst whistling 'Rule Brittania', the instrument turns into a high powered laser cannon, capable of vaporizing any given Prius."

Electric Plums!

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