Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Market, August 29, 2009

So the rain came down in buckets, then in barrels. I arrived extra early to set up before the deluge-almost made it. After about 10 am. the rain became sporadic, and market goers started showing up, making the day worthwhile.
I must give it up for our intrepid visitors who support the Market through the worst weather days. Rara

David realizes that his roof leaks.

This guy swooped out of the sky in this getup-
claims it will revolutionize sky diving.

John and Tress never miss a Market.

See? We did have business.

Mo in a pensive moment.

Question-How do you sell handmade wool products in the rain?
Answer-Bring a cool tent.

Early Bird's last Market. Visit Dalia and co. at the Elliot Street Cafe.

Rain can't stop the radiance of these flowers.

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