Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010-Kids' Day

Kind of a sunny, cloudy, warm, chilly, breezy day-A normal Vermont day demonstrating every possible weather condition...Well.....It didn't snow or hail. We had another overflowing parking lot, with an overflowing overflow parking lot. We had singers, dancers, fiddlers, actors, drummers, pipers-We had it all. I guess its why we live here. Rara Avis.

Noshers noshed.

Kids played.

Dancers danced.

And danced.

How do they get stuff to grow so early in the season?

Warm enough for lemonade.

Chilly enough for long sleeved sweaters.
I think that's a small child slung around back.

The Attitude Adjustment Contingent.

Giddy organic farmers.

Kids' Day Kid.

And more Kids.

And yet another Kid.

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