Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain-buckets of rain-rain right through my Market umbrella. Even with the buckets of rain-which let up somewhat after noon, we had a good turnout of vendors and visitors. We had a great washboard, spoon, harmonica and dobro band, playing old timey honky tonk.
I got used to rainy Saturdays years ago-it doesn't bother me anymore. Our customers are quite faithful. One regular told me that she comes to Market in the rain to show her support for local producers. Anyway, we had a good soaking and a good time.

Hasta la vista baby. Rara Avis

Yeah, it was a gray, rainy day.

But fear not, Market workers give you shelter from the storm.

And visitors can nosh in luxury.

We all eagerly anticipate the day when Laurie finishes her work-release community service.

Happy berry buyers.

I have no idea how Patricia crafts these sweets. I'd be running down the street screaming.

Pregnant lady of the week.

Mmmmm...electric carrots....

Tat of the week-pretty cool.

Here's the band. The washboard artist also plays spoons and sings.

And here is the very swank chrome plated guitar.

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