Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry about last week-both cameras died.

This Market day we had cool and sunny. The breeze had a pronounced bite to it-perfect weather for hot coffee. We had special visitors-a group of S.I.T. students from Serbia brightened our day. They seemed very taken by the Market , weather and fun atmosphere, and they proceeded to sample all the prepared food on hand, and that’s quite a lot.

The music was lively-kind of mountain bluegrass/reggae-went together fine.

I think we will get our first frost of Fall this week-gotta bring in the house plants and some wood to light the first fire in the wood stove. I can smell the wood smoke already-mmmm……. Rara Avis.

Early morning sky.

Sunlight saturates Market trees.

Welcome back Lek!

Bluegrass/Reggae band with........

This cool Ovation acoustic bass.

I love happy people.

Check out the jack o'lanterns.

Tracy and child.

Let's hear it for Putney!

Long hair of the week. We have a tie.

The Queen of Helltown and admiring subject.

Tat of the week.

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