Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

So its October already. I think we had our first actual cool day since June. Had the woodstove working last night. More firewood(seasoned) is on the way. Since Sevca sealed up our house in ’08, firewood consumption has decreased markedly.

Guess what? The drought seems to be over. Our well is full again. The three days of rain this week was a boon for everyone locally, and it must have reset the leaves to their traditional stages of turning colors, because it looks like peeper season is now right on time.

Market was quite well attended, with kids playing in the fallen leaves and visitors demanding an unusual amount of hot coffee. The only bummer was the absence of music-first time this year-so we all joined in a community sing. We did “Stairway to Heaven” for the assembled multitude, and formed a giant high kick line. See the attached video. Next week-“California Gurls”.

This happy kid wanted a whoopie pie. Mom couldn't resist his smile.

Young Mandrake gestures hypnotically-"You are getting very sleepy. You will give me all of your donuts. When I snap my fingers, you will awake with no memory of what happened."

Wherever Lek goes, a halo surrounds her. Hey, does that guy over Lek's right shoulder have his pants on backwards?

Kid's love gathering and throwing leaves.

Market is a great place for friends to meet and stroll.

Fall flowers in abundance.

Cute-kid-of-the-week enjoys a chicken stick.

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