Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saturday Market July 16, 2011

Nice hot, sunny summer day. The place was crowded with happy visitors. Everything, except apples and pumpkins, is in season. We had a bluesy steel guitar and mandolin duo. Also, SIT again graced us with a large(130+) group of Mexican and Cypriot visiting students. I spent time explaining Whoopie Pies and Russian Tea Cakes. Pizzas were flying-Tristan had to bring in reinforcements to help with the crush. These kind of days just fly by. I love it! Rara Avis

Market Madonna and Child

The Bluesy Brothers

Check out the Steel Guitar (Dobro?)

Here's a twofer-Pregnant lady and Tat of the Week.

Anticipating Pizza

Kid reaches for Teacake

Extra Help- They could turn out a pizza in about 90 seconds.

SIT Kids

And more

We have built more picnic benches. People still like the grass.

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