Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday Market July 23, 2011

So, my word of the day is “try”, as in “I’ll try one of those cookies”. I always get a picture of someone taking one of my cookies for a lap around the Market before deciding to buy it. Where does that particular locution come from? Is it a peculiarly American expression? I know that in traditional American advertising, the line “try before you buy” has been common. Or “Once you try it, we know you will buy it”. It always seems odd to hear in the context of baked goods.

Maybe it’s just a way for people to establish distance between buyer and seller. Obviously “trying” a teacake involves actually consuming the teacake, so the expression must have some psychological basis…..or its just habit. Oh well, here’s some pix that you can "try". Rara Avis.

Multi-colored hair, tats, and Mom looking on.

Manager Martha

Tat of the week

Pregnant lady of the week

Mr Natch stops by the Market for a visit.

Katherine and friend

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