Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday Market September 3, 2011

We’re Baaaack!!! After the worst flooding anyone can remember, the Market had a banner day-huge crowds thronged, expressing happy amazement at the seemingly impossible resurrection of the devastated site. We had strolling fiddlers, and children dancing, and everybody’s favorite U.S. Senator-we had everything!

My usual measure of what makes a really good day at Market has to do with the number of visitors who drive across the state along Rt 9, which is the busiest east-west highway in VT. Well, with Rt 9 being washed out about 3 miles west of the Market site, people really couldn’t “get heah from theyah”. That means it was mostly locals who came out to show their support. It’s a wonderful thing. (Don’t tell anybody I said that-wouldn’t want to wreck my image)

Building young capitalists, one dollar at a time

A trio of fiddlin' fillies cajoles the kids to jump for joy.

Our brand new sandbox-the old one has probably floated to the Bahamas by now.

Bernie! He stayed for quite a while.

Tat of the week

Cute kid of the week. Can you stand it?

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