Thursday, September 1, 2011

So, now it's two days after Irene basically transported the Market site down the river to Long Island sound. At that time I planned a very leisurely rest-of-the-season, lounging on the divan, popping bonbons into my mouth.
Then Read Miller happened, and he whipped the Market into a frenzy of site reclamation. 400 yards of fill got dumped, spread, graded and seeded between Tuesday and today. We all showed up to have a second site day, accompanied by many local volunteers. Here are the results so far. We WILL have Market Saturday. Check out the pix below, and compare them to the ones from my last post.

Check it out. Grass survived the flood, holding the soil together.

A crew across the creek cleans up our other parking lot. The covered bridge behind the trees survived unscathed.

Unsure on the concept, Becky arrives with a power screw driver and a bucket of nails.

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