Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday 8/13/16

Another hot day at Market. Not a record, though. That occurred on July 4, 1911. Temp hit 105. I think Market goers have gotten used to the heat-they come out in droves, and still drink hot coffee. 
We had the outstanding Mary Cay Brass and co. to entertain us with their music.

 Cute Mary Jane wearing her Mary Janes.

 Buy a hanging plant while you can still hang it outside.

 The Miller clan. Notice Mahla continues to work while everyone else poses.

 Mom and kid. Mom used to come in as a little kid with her dad.

Tat of the Week. I'm told it's 10 years old.

Chloe, left talks with her teacher, Ms Friedman, currently on maternity leave.

Here's Mary Cay's duo playing whaling tunes.

Check out her website

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