Monday, August 8, 2016

Saturday 8/6/16

I just don't understand the weather reports, which have been wrong all Summer. Today was supposed to be-"Hot! Rain! Hail! Oppressive! Frogs!" Well, maybe not frogs. Anyway, the day was great. One of the busiest all season. I have noticed for many years, that the Market is a lagging indicator of the economy. So, Market is up this year, which means that the general economy is back. Be happy.

 Hat of the Day-Great Bird Band

 Matching couple

 Honako gabbing-She's Manager in Meghan's absence.

 Kid looks on as Mom tastes the Pesto. 

 Pregnant Lady strolls by.

 Kids love the sandbox. Market members maintain it.

This is a Farmers Market after all.

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