Saturday, October 15, 2016


Beautiful day-lots of color-although early morning was very cold. Seems like the visiting tree peepers decided to stay awhile longer. I had trouble making coffee fast enough. A woman asked for "cawfee" and I guessed "Long Island", but she answered "The Bronx". Farmers are in full pumpkin, squash, apple mode. 2 more weeks of Market, then a long Winter's nap.

 Cute bundled up kid

 Here's fiery haired Imelda stocking matching pumpkins.

 Kathleen is serious about her coffee.

 Aforementioned pumpkins

 Sandbox is still killing it.

My old friend Smileyface and her lovely child. She always asks me how I'm doing, and I always say "Great!"

Here's a link to the World's Best Bluegrass Band-The Stockwell Brothers;

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