Monday, October 24, 2016

Saturday 10/22/16

Holy Cow! Rain falling in sheets, gale force winds, hail the size of golf balls-NOT! The weather forecast was once again wrong. We had a cool, overcast day at Market. Tons of leaves-More than I remember from years past. Must be climate change-Everything else gets blamed on it.

 Cute, big hatted kid.

 Look at these cool eggplants.

 Fall flowers abound.

 Marsupial Mom carries Joey in pouch.

 Little squash (squashes?)

 Steps lead to upper parking lot. It's a scenic Market, not just a bunch of carts in a parking lot.

 Varee smiles through the cold-Warmer in Thailand.

 Wells the roving philosopher and Amelia, resident reflexologist hang out by my stove.

What to choose..what to choose..

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