Monday, March 13, 2017

Saturday 3/11/17

Who ordered this cold weather, and where do I write to complain? Well, it was warm inside, and a large crowd perused the offerings. Only two winter markets to go, then back to the outdoors. Yay!
 What is that? Cheese? Chocolate? No! It's soap.

Rosi and her art cards will also be at Market this summer.

Here is one of Rosi's great cards.

 Chocolate makers are always happy. And it's legal!

 Farming connects people.

 Join a CSA-That's Community Supported Agriculture. Look at the size of those carrots.

 Kurt recently got back from a bicycle trip through New Zealand. Welcome back, Kurt!

 Patty sees a unicorn coming through the door. What is really in her pastries?

 Sue Dunning incognito, as usual.

Susan of Deer Ridge Farm strikes a provocative pose behind some branches.

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