Monday, May 8, 2017

Opening Day Saturday May 6 2017

Well, this IS Vermont-so rain fell in torrents for about two hours. It was just us vendors standing around drinking coffee, shouting to each other to be heard above the din of rain.

Then-the rain stopped and the sun sprang up in the sky-And suddenly the place got packed with Market goers. We had music and dancing and kids jumping in puddles. My year has begun!

New guys at Market! Cooking breakfast! On this Garland stove! On a trailer! Praise be!

Mahla Miller, looking absolutely thrilled. Don't worry, warm weather coming soon.

Here's some kids enjoying the weather.

That's a one-piece rain suit. Kid just rolled around in the water. Mom and Dad probably hosed him off later
Cute Kid of the Week

The Morris Dancers graced us with their presence, bringing good luck for the Market season. Check out this link.

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