Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturday 8/5/17

Well, second half of Market season is here. Night temps going down to the fifties already. Market continues to be mobbed every Saturday. Due to the rainy Summer, berries and peaches are very big and juicy.
We had rain several times during the market day, but nothing serious. Then, after everyone left a big gust of wind blew up, knocking down several trees and crushing two booths. Lucky we were gone before it happened. Check out the short video.

 Chelsea flips her hair as Bat Boy looks on.

 Blondie with a look of curiosity.

 We attract old folks as well as young to Market.

 Ellie and pal grinning.

 Family waits for biscuit breakfast.

 Sis carrying little brother.

 Phases-of-the-moon tat..

And symmetrical bunches of grapes. Impressive. She has mirror image art on the back of her legs also.

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