Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saturday 7/29/17

OOF! Last Market of the first half of the season. Weather is already getting cooler at night.
Must! Not! Think! About! Winter! At least not yet. 
I like Winter-the snow, the fire blazing in the wood stove, the holidays. 
I just don't like the idea that I can't do this Market again till next Spring. Is there a place in the world where it's like Vermont Summer all year round? I'll move there. Oh well, here's some pix.

 One man band. guy has a guitar, harmonica, and on his left foot a tambourine-and he sings.

 Mama rockin the polka dots.


 Another big crowd. Many out-of-state visitors.

 Iraqi kid from SIT with Haircut of the Week.

More SIT kids sampling strange western food. I guess that cell phones grafted to one's hand is a universal convention. Remember the shoe box size cell phones from 20 years ago? 

 Baby attending "My First Farmers Market".

This is a FARMERS market after all.

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