Saturday, February 7, 2009

12 Saturdays to go

Hey, I'm siting here watching the cats sitting at the window watching the birds at the feeders. The winter is still great, just the way I like it. We have 12 Saturdays to go till Market starts. I think I'll bring back biscotti. It's been several years since I brought them to Market-I don't remember why I stopped. Also, maybe I'll carry hot and cold cocoa all season-seems people like to have it available.
One of my winter study projects has involved something called "Rocket Stoves". These things were invented as a way to help people in third world countries cook without needing large amounts of fuel. A rocket stove is easy to build and use, and it produces very high heat using a little firewood of any quality. 
I'm interested in a variation of rocket stove, the rocket mass stove, that turns the stove into an efficient, cheap replacement for a masonry stove, aka russian fireplace. We heat exclusively with wood, and I find it exciting to envision using less wood, firing the stove fewer times per day, and getting steady, radiant heat into our living area. I have found many websites devoted to these gizmos, and have also joined a discussion group on the subject. 
That's all for this week. Have fun. rara avis

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