Saturday, February 28, 2009

9 Weeks to Go

OK, so here I am waiting for Winter to pass. I never remember in Dec. how tired I will get of the cold weather by Feb. 
09 Market rules, regs and apps arrived in the mail last week-sent in our membership fee-awaiting Site Day. Hey, I see in the newsletter that the jackboot of the state is bearing down more heavily on the necks of the prepared food vendors (those preparing food onsite at Market). It looks like the days of starting a Market career with a card table, a hibachi and a dream are gone for good.  Oh well. Here's some Winter pix. Rara Avis

I'll say!

Snowy night on the new deck. 
I like the way the snow flakes look like little falling lights.

Ah...the Market. I remember it well.

View of the Market past Barney Google's fine manse.

Dare anyone to take their car down our bobsled run-err..driveway.

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