Saturday, March 7, 2009

8 weeks to go..YAY!!

Well, it's still Winter, but I can see Spring just over the horizon.
 The new warm weather came along almost perfectly for me. We still had a few sticks of firewood left in the stack, and the high temps allowed me to pull wood out of the previously frozen firewood pile. Perfectly would have me run out of stacked wood the day the pile defrosted. Maybe next year.

Saw a news item last week on tv about the Burlington Farmers Market. What with the bad economy and the success of that market, the city has quadrupled the fees vendors must pay. Sheesh.. you would think that the city would see the market as an asset that attracts visitors, and their money, to the shops of the city. I guess no good moneymaking deed goes unpunished.
I'll try to post twice a week from now on-let's see how it works. Rara Avis

'This house on your lot-only $142,500!"

Sunrise over the Connecticut River.

Icy bushes in Brattleboro.

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