Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday Market, October 17, 2009

Another cool, crisp Autumn day. Visitors and vendors bundled up against the rather raw breeze. When the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, it felt positively balmy.
I saw several visiting Brits, all of whom seemed alarmed by the cold weather.
One gent from the UK said that it never gets this cold in Blighty. I asked him about all those Dickens stories and post cards that depict the English countryside as snow covered in winter, to which he replied that its all rubbish. He hasn't seen snow in years.
So, what about it? Anyone out there who can confirm or deny snowy UK winters?
2 weeks to go.

Vermont October+Outdoors=Hungry

Any kid's default position is always play. Why can't adults be like that?

Our hidden camera catches up with noted 60's radical Rosanne "Slice" Scamardella, who specialized in knocking over pizza joints.

Look at this handsome family unit. Couldn't you just put 'em in your pocket?

Mom says that this kid insists on a donut every Saturday at Market, cold weather or not.

These musicians were great.
How does he play that fiddle with bare hands?
It was about a million below zero out there.

Its cold!! Buy a hat already.

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Kristina said...

Ha! Nice to see pics of us on someone else's blog-- keep up the good work, Rara!