Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday June 12, 2010

A cool, rainy day-Still had more visitors than cow day. No one seemed to mind the gently falling rain. I think that this was the Market’s first combo Kids’ Day and Kids’ Jam day. We had 4 kid musical acts. I was good exposure for the young musicians. There’s nothing like “playing out” to get your chops working. Maybe next week will be clear. See you then. Rara Avis.

Young entrepreneurs.

Market meeting.

I found a new business model-People pay me not to photograph them.

In profile...

And the full effect.

"Step away from the Chicken Sticks".

Kid band...Power Trio.

Music in the Round.

Aye...Takes me back to Donegal...So it does.

Rock 'n Roll Kid returns...4th year??? Check out the groupie.

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