Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday June 26, 2010

A pleasant day-warm, sunny/cloudy, with a sizable crowd on hand. A great fiddle combo played and strolled. I met a number of visitors from the lower 45-discussed with people from New Jersey the superiority of Jersey pizza and the beach. We had a couple celebrating their 64thwedding anniversary. The usual kids frolicked in the usual kid way. I think that the secret to rearing kids involves just letting them run around outside-worked for me. Next week. Rara Avis

Linda and parents

The fruits and veggies have finally returned.

Honor Mama Earth.

I love the Fantasy booth.

Dim Summmmm.......

The return of the Four Fiddlin' Fillies.

Sketch Crawl??


At last! French Fries at the Market!!

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