Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow! The nicest weather day of the summer. The place was packed. I had a couple come by who spend the summer attending farmers markets around New England. They pronounced the Brattleboro Farmers Market the best one of all. They liked everything: The site itself, farm products, crafts, bakery items, prepared food, entertainment, the general festive atmosphere.

Forget Disney-This is the happiest place on earth. I guess I’ll just keep doing Market until I drop. You can bury me under the sand box. Later. Rara Avis.

Kids love donuts.

Cool enough to sit in the sun. What a happy crowd.

Tat of the week.

Dude has a harmonica in his pocket. Ready to jam.

George and Rachel offer their "Tough Love" baby sitting services. They WILL tame your kid.

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