Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday 7/30/16

Nice Market day-sunny, cooler, less humid. We had a group of Iraqi and British kids from SIT. Roger Kahle and co, played Celtic music. 
Right now is high berry, fruit, and vegetable season. Apples and corn come later. Meghan rode her cool Amsterdam Cargo bike.

 Check out the bike. It has battery assist-allows Meghan to ride quite a distance, with a giant carrying capacity in front. These units predominate in the Netherlands.

 Here's the front view of the bike. Price on this thing is about $2500.00. I know mountain bike riders who will pay that much, and not be able to carry a small horse like this bike can.

 Bread Girl from Orchard Hill Breadworks. Ger yer bread.

 Fantasy Wear has all kinds of kids' fancy clothes.

 Jerry's Flowers

 More Jerry's flowers

 And again

 Meghan , the Market Manager who rides that cool Cargo Bike

 Cute kid wants a donut

 Onions are in

There's a pile of produce

3 Dudes play Celtic jigs.

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