Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saturday 9/10/16

So the weatherman said to expect rain and thunder storms-We got nothing but clouds, then clear skies. Do these guys get paid to get it wrong? 
Anyway, it was another great day, though no Chloe to help-me sad. Band sounded better than I have ever heard them-good whaling and shanty tunes. Seven more Markets left.

 Spike Dogtooth playing Barnacle Bill the Sailor-Great rendition.

 Now THAT'S a true Market  shopper-Carrots and flowers. But..Where's the coffee and cookie?

 This week's Cute Kid, waiting for a donut.

Ladies' auxillary, having a walking meeting.

 Great hair and tie dye t-shirt. Mystery Woman of the Week.

 Apples and Pumpkins are in. Buy now.

Mom and sleeping kid. His eyes were open when I pointed the camera. Just dropped off instantly.
Terrie grinning and reminding us that her Pesto Change-O can be found at the Putney Co-op.

Varee has been bringing her sweet little girl to Market since before she could walk-Now helps out-Soon to take over.

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