Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday 9/17/16

Meteorological Fall has descended. Cool, breezy, sunny. We had bees for the first time this season-they loved my lemon bars. Also they like to dive bomb the powdered sugar in the teacake basket, then fly around like tiny white ghosts. I guess the sugar gets bees high. We had a great band playing bluegrass, with a touch of bluesy jazzy thrown in. I loved it. These guys should be the Market House Band.

Roger Kahle and co. killed

 Friends like to meet at Market-and snap pix.


 Another Group of Gals Gather to Gab.

 Dad and Daughter. I have seen many at my years here. It's a bonding experience.

 Cute kid with cute hat. Huck Finn?

 "Mom, Of Course I want a donut!"

 Speaking of kids and donuts..

 Natasha and helper peddling brownies on Kids' Day
Building Young Capitalists!

The sandbox is always popular.

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