Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday 9/24/16

Hey, Fall is here-Falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling Summer shorts-into the drawer till next year. Well, except for my shorts. I wear them till December, certainly through Market season. It's a tradition. I did notice all the farmers bundled up in grays and blues and dark greens. 
Tree peeper season is upon us. High color in Northern Vermont-slowly spreading South-maybe 2 weeks till it gets to us.

 Looks a bit lonely. Crowd picked up later.

 Chilly kid in Hoodie

 Cute Kid of the Week bucks the dark clothing trend-and with a donut.

 Gal with a great Hairdo-of-the-Week

 Here's the fallen leaves. Blown down in this week's rain-ready for jumping kids.

 Why Yes-We LOVE Kale!

 Pregnant Lady of the week

Dude wants to "regulate" marijuana. I don't understand. Everyone I know already "regulates" their own-In the backyard.

Plenty of green still on the trees, waiting to turn

Aura Shards playing Tuned Steel Drum, Tabla, and didgeridoo

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